Pharmacist Videos

"Who Runs My Drug Plan"
This video highlights the numerous issues employers face in evaluating their prescription drug benefit. To learn more about lowering drug costs, improving patient health, and aligning the interests of employers, patients, and pharmacies contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(703) 600-1181

"The Third Wheel"
This video takes a humorous look at how PBMs, who are hired by health plan sponsors to manage prescription drug benefits, have inserted themselves unnecessarily into the relationship between pharmacies and patients through a variety of questionable business practices. While a couple tries to enjoy a quiet evening at home the character representing PBMs, Phil MyPockets, pops up during each scene to ruin the mood and provide a dialogue about how PBMs operate.

"Mail Order Madness"

This video takes a humorous look at one of the more frustrating aspects of the services provided by PBMs, their mail order pharmacies. Phil MyPockets appears once again as he frustrates a patient who is experiencing all sorts of problems getting her prescription drugs delivered.

"Fed Up With Phil"

Like the Third Wheel and Mail Order Madness, the Fed Up With Phil video uses satire to "deliver a message for health plan decision makers and consumers about the value of their prescription drug plan and the impact PBMs have on that benefit.

"Phil Mypockets Mashup"

In honor of the one year anniversary of the three educational videos starring Phil Mypockets, NCPA is releasing its fourth online video. It contains never before seen bloopers from the series, along with a shortened recap of each of those previous videos, and a call for action to stay involved in the push for PBM reform.